Do Male Enhancement Pills Show Up On A Drug Test?: Answer Revealed!


male enhancementThe issues about male enhancements’ potential risks are as intriguing as its effectiveness. These products are like the human cells, they are everywhere.

And the fact that they are widely available gives people the confusion as to which are safe and which are not.

While others are claiming favorable results, many are also negating it. So far, the most common questions about male enhancers are, “do they really work?” and “are they effective or men are just wasting their money?”.Just recently, one question was raised that awakened the inquisitive human minds. This is, “do male enhancement pills show up on a drug test?”.

Overview On Drug Test

The best way to answer this question is to know first what drug test is all about. Also, it will be wise to learn what substances are detected during this test. This way, whether the answer to the question is a yes or a no, one can reason out.A drug test is an analysis of biological specimen. Specimen includes human blood or urine, saliva, sweat and hair. This test is conducted to determine what parent drugs are present or absent in the body.

Usually, there are 10 substances detected in a drug test. To name a few are alcohol, amphetamines, barbiturates and cocaine. Codeine, morphine and steroids are also included in the list. Because there are many specimens that can be collected for drug screening, the methods of testing vary as well.

A lot of health experts and medical professionals were asked if male enhancement pills show up on a drug test. The majority of these people said ‘no’. One good reason why they say no is because most of these pills are considered diet supplements. Diet supplements do not fail a drug test; therefore these pills don’t as well.

Common Ingredients On Male Enhancement Pills

male enhancement pillsKnowing what these pills contain will give a person chance to defend his answer to the question, ‘do male enhancement pills show up on a drug test’. The tendency is that whether he says ‘yes’ or ‘no’, he will surely be asked ‘why’ or ‘why not’.

Bioperine is common among many enhancement pills because it can enhance the result of taking vitamins and minerals in just smaller doses. Damiana and Ginseng are also common components of such pills.

The former is an herb that targets the central nervous system of the human body. For this reason, it is used to treat problems like erectile dysfunction. The latter is a very famous herb that has been used for years.

It is believed to improve libido. Other common ingredients are horny goat weed, hawthorn berry and ginkgo biloba.

It is very clear that almost all pills in the market are made of all-natural substances. And in the earlier part of this article, the substances detected during a drug test were already tackled. Therefore, it is justifiable to say ‘no’ when asked ‘do pills for male enhancement show up on drug test’.

Online, one can read a lot of reviews proving that male enhancers have nothing to do about failing a drug test. However, it is also important to know that there are pills which are hormonal in nature.

This means that they can cause an imbalance to a man’s hormone levels, particularly when these pills are steroidal. When a pill has steroids, its byproducts will be present in the blood stream. And we know that steroids are one of the substances that can be detected in a drug test.

What Men Should Do

What Men Should DoThe question ‘does male enhancement pill fail a drug test’ certainly caught the attention of many individuals who are using these products. Men who need to undergo drug screening are surely bothered especially when they have used such pills for some time.

Especially for licensed professionals, they might not be allowed to practice their profession anymore once their drug test results are positive. For athletes in particular, they might loose their eligibility.

There are hundreds of male enhancement pills. Though all of them claim to be safe and effective, as consumers, men need to do their share. It is important for men to be vigilant at all times.

This means being meticulous about the product. The number of people who say ‘no’ when asked ‘do male enhancement pills show up on a drug test’ outweighs those who say ‘yes’. Yet, men still need to be careful about their dealings.

First, men should avoid products that claim to increase the levels of testosterone. High levels of this hormone certainly fail a drug test. Second, research and read reviews about the product.

ResearchWhat is the best way to determine that the pill is indeed safe than being knowledgeable what are in it. Third, men should steer clear from other products that have those substances that can cause a drug test to be positive.

Lastly, these pills should be taken in moderation. Even if a product claims to be all-natural, taking something too much is harmful.


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