18 VigRX Oil Massage Tips to Rescue Your Mojo in a Flash


18 VigRX Oil Massage Tips to Rescue Your Mojo in a Flash
If you’ve been in a situation when your body doesn’t want to do what you order it to do, then you know the embarrassing feeling you’ll never want to experience again. Taking pills might be a decision that is too hard to make. That’s why many men turn to topical remedies. VigRX oil is one of them.

Buying the product is just the beginning. The next step is learning how to use VigRX oil. You might be surprised to find out that there are many interesting secrets to using massage oils that can make your erection stronger and more memorable. Let’s take a look at some of them.

1. Set Up the Place

ask your partner to give you a massageIf you are planning a romantic night out with your steady girlfriend, then most likely you won’t have any problems with the place setup. However, if you are going out on a first or second date and have no idea where it will end up, then using the VigRX oil might become a real problem. How do you tell your date that you need a comfortable place to do the massage?

Plan ahead. Make sure you have your apartment or house ready for a comfortable and worry-free sexual experience. Have the oil stored nearby and ask your partner to give you a massage with it. If you are feeling embarrassed, you can turn off the light and quickly rub the oil in on your own.

2. Clear Your Mind

Before you start the VigRX oil massage, try to clear your mind. If you are occupied with different problems that are getting in the way of your good mood, then there is no reason to hope that the oil will work. If you are not mentally ready for a good sexual experience, it’s unlikely to occur.

Consider learning some meditation techniques. Men often look at such advice with skepticism. But if you are brave enough to admit to this problem then you have new weapons in your arsenal. Give yourself at least five minutes to think about something pleasant and to push your problems out of the door.

3. Start with a Full Body Massage

When you are looking where to buy VigRX oil, don’t overlook places that sell other massage oils. In order to achieve the best results from this remedy, you can start with a full body massage and go from there. It’s not a secret that most massages can easily turn into a full-blown foreplay. So don’t deprive yourself or your partner from this extra pleasure.

Simple body massage is easy to do. If you have no idea where to start, do some homework. There are many educational videos you can find online. Just make sure you don’t forget to switch from a regular oil to VigRX oil when the massage gets most intimate.

4. Warm Up

foreplayThis tip goes for both you and the oil. Foreplay is an absolute must for satisfactory sexual experience. So, even if you are not a fan of a full body massage, consider some other ways to warm yourself and your partner up. It can be erotic videos or oral caressing. Whatever you can come up with to get the mojo going will work. Remember, the better you start off, the better the oil will work.

Warming up the oil is another important step to getting the best results. No one likes something cold touching their penis. That’s why you should rub the vial with the oil in your hands for several minutes before applying it. The ideal oil temperature should be close to your body temperature. Don’t heat up the oil. It might lose its properties.

5. Use Just a Few Drops

Only a couple of drops of VigRX oil are needed to make it work. Start by putting the drops on your fingers and proceed to massaging the penis with gentle circular motions. Once the oil starts working and the erection gets harder, use your full palm. If there are no desired results within one or two minutes, you can add a couple more drops.

If you are not experiencing a mojo upheave after you’ve massaged the oil into your genitals, perhaps you didn’t have enough foreplay. VigRX oil is not a magical solution that can awaken a flabby penis. You need to be mentally aroused so that the physical part starts working. So if there is no effect, go back to step two.

6. Test the Jelqing Penis Massage Technique

Just simple rubbing of the oil into the penis is not only boring, it might not always be effective, so we would recommend learning essential oil massage techniques for the genitals. The first one is Jelqing.

Grab the penis with one hand so the thumb and the middle finger or the forefinger can create a ring around it. Slowly move the ring up toward the head, loosen it and go down to the base. Once the penis becomes larger, use both hands to continue the massage.

7. Go On to Anvil Stroke Massage Technique

reviewsThe best VigRX oil reviews come from people who know how to deal with their genitals. Once you’ve tried the Jelqing technique and it worked, don’t stop there. The next step to the right genital massage is learning how to wield the anvil stroke.

Apply the VigRX oil to your palm and grasp the penis fully. Bring the hand down from the top part of your genitals to the bottom. Once you reach the shaft, loosen up the grip steadily. Do the same thing with another hand.

There are three anvil stroke sub-techniques: bookend, doorknob and double whammy. For the bookend technique, place both of your palms side by side near the penis bottom to resemble bookends. And then press them hard against the penis. Lift the hands up and then repeat the process.

The doorknob technique requires you or your partner to turn the head of the penis clockwise and counterclockwise for several minutes. The double whammy stroke requires some attention for the testicles. While one hand is massaging the penis, the other is gently flapping the testicles.

8. Don’t Rush Your Strokes

Whenever you are doing a genital massage, make sure that your movements don’t change rapidly. If you switch from short to long strokes too often, you might not get the desired effect. The length of one stroke should smoothly drift into another. If you are not getting the effect you need, don’t immediately switch to harsh and quick strokes, you will get a soft penis as a result.

Don’t give yourself or your partner extra stress by rushing things. Start slow and go from there. This way you will get the results much faster and will get more pleasure from the process.

9. Be Careful with Massage Toys

disappointedIf you are a fan of sex toys, you must have seen several massage toys on the market. However, when it comes to VigRX oil massage, you’ll be better off doing it with your hands. Leave the toys for another occasion and you will get the best results. Toys can interfere with the absorption process and will leave you frustrated.

If you are looking to get an undiscovered sensation, do it when your mojo is feeling its best. Perhaps you can go on to the toys when you are feeling the most confident. Otherwise you might end up feeling disappointed or looking for remedies to fight premature ejaculation.

10. Try a Foot Massage

If you are a fan of ladies’ feet, ask your partner to give you a penis massage with her feet using the VigRX oil. The process is no different from the hand massage. You should apply the drops either on the feet or directly to the genitals and proceed with gently rubbing. While it might seem strange at first, it can be pleasurable for both partners.

11. Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk

While you are applying one of the above mentioned techniques, consider “doing the talk.”You will be surprised to find out how much the talk actually helps your mojo. If you are feeling shy expressing your feelings, ask your partner to do it.

Simple phrases like: “You turn me on so much, I can’t stand it” or “You are so big, I can’t wait” will do real magic for your erection while the oil will be helping it out. Simple moaning will do the job, as well. Your brain is just as big of an erogenous zone as your genitals.

12. Find the G-Spot

learned where a male g-spotIf you haven’t learned where a male g-spot is, you are missing out on half the pleasure. VigRX oil will help you get the erection going if you apply it not just to the penis but on the g-spot as well. This spot is located between the base of the scrotum and the anus. Searching for it might take time, so apply the oil all over the area and gently press on it with your palm.

It takes five to eight second for this trick to start working. So no matter how embarrassing meddling in the anus area might feel to some men, endure it to get the most pleasure out of the process later on.

13. Buy the Oil in Advance

If you are used to buying all the products you need at the nearby supermarket, you will need to change your habits when it comes to buying this oil. You won’t find VigRX oil on Amazon. There is also no VigRX oil on Walmart shelves. Your best bet would be to purchase the oil on the official website.

This is the only way to be absolutely sure you are getting a real product. At the same time, you will get the best VigRX oil price and there are some discounts and gifts available as well. It’s important to buy the authentic product in order to get the desired results and avoid unpleasant side effects.

You have to realize that shipping will take some time. So do some planning and don’t set up any dates unless you are sure you’ll be getting the oil on time. It’s not a good idea to order the oil from countries where there are no official manufacturers. The VigRX oil price in India might seem low but you won’t be getting the original product.

14. Don’t Overindulge

glasses of wineYou will get the best results from the VigRX oil massage only if you don’t overindulge in eating and drinking for at least two hours prior to it. It’s important to realize that alcohol and heavy meals kill your libido. If you think that a couple of glasses of wine will help you relax and get in the mood, you are wrong.

If alcohol helps your erection, then you don’t need any assistance from the oil. However, most likely it will devour your mojo in a flash and no oil will help you get it back. The same goes for heavy meals. If your organism is busy digesting the two-pound steak and a basket of French fries, it just won’t have any forces left to deal with your penis.

15. Don’t Overuse the Oil

VigRX oil massage is fun and can bring you a lot of pleasure. However, overusing it is not a good idea. Don’t try to apply the oil to the rest of your body or use more than a couple of drops for the intercourse. While looking absolutely harmless, the oil boost blood flow to your penis. If you overdo the massaging, you might lose the erection within a second.

If you want to continue the penis massage after the oil has been rubbed in, get another massage oil to do it.

16. Help the Oil Out

VigRX oil is a good remedy but you can’t rely on it fully. You have to remember that mostly your mojo depends on your lifestyle. If you eat fast food on a daily basis and don’t know which way your nearest gym is, no magic oil will help you. Consider making the following changes to your lifestyle to help the oil out and to make your sexual experience brighter and more pleasurable.

  • Exercise – When your body is fit, your organism starts functioning properly. Don’t make excuses. Every man has at least an hour every other day to spend on exercises. If you don’t have time to go to the gym, consider exercising at home. There are plenty of videos to help you do that.

Obesity lowers the testosterone levels and causes heart problems. All this leads to the loss of libido. This is the first thing you absolutely must fight on your way to a healthy sex life.

  • Forget About the Beer – Did you know that beer stimulates estrogen production? It’s a terrible mojo killer. If you absolutely must have a can of beer, don’t do it more often than once a month. No alcohol is safe but beer is your worst enemy. Opt for a glass of wine instead.
  • CoffeeGet Coffee and Chocolate – Chocolate is a wonderful aphrodisiac, so instead of a heavy meal, consider eating some chocolate and drinking a cup of coffee. These products will help get you and your partner in the mood. Just don’t overdo the coffee, especially if you have high blood pressure.
  • Find the Time – Modern couples have a lot of trouble squeezing sex into their busy schedules. Their heads are so full of problems that they don’t realize that they are missing out on something vital. No matter how amazing you are in bed, sex doesn’t take more than an hour. Find that hour at least once a week.
  • Make It a Habit – Did you know that the less you have sex, the less you want it? The human body is adjusting to the circumstances. So if for half a year you only have sex once a month, don’t wait for your body to start wanting it every day in a flash. It will take time to form a new habit.
  • Lubricate – Improper lubrication can be a big problem during sexual intercourse. VigRX oil is not a lubricant. So offer it some help with other products. Extra lubrication will work wonders for your mojo and will make your sexual experience much more pleasurable.

17. Get Serious

If VigRX oil is not helping you then you need to check up on your health. Erection problems can be a sign of some serious disorder. Perhaps your penis is feeling just fine. It’s the rest of your organs that are not letting you get the sexual experience you want. Check your hormone levels. An underactive thyroid or diabetes can be the cause of your problems.

Your best choice would be to consult a physician who will give you advice on what needs to be checked. It’s hard to convince yourself to seek help. However, getting your mojo back up can be as easy is getting the right pills. Your penis might be signaling you about other problems in your body. Listen to it.

There are some medications that can lower your libido. Ask your doctor if the loss of your desire can be the side effect of some pills you are taking. In this case, VigRX oil will doubtfully help you. Wait until you’ve finished taking the medicine to start using the oil or ask your doctor if there is some way to reduce the side effects.

18. Learn the side effects of VigRX oil

doctorThe VigRX oil consists of all the natural products such as: ginkgo biloba, muirapauma bark, epimedium, hawthorn berry, panax ginseng, cuscuta seed and catuaba bark. While some people believe that natural ingredients are absolutely harmless, it is not true. Here are some VigRX oil side effects that you might want to consider before going forward with using the oil.

  • Allergic reactions – Spot test the oil before using it. Ideally, do it for both yourself and the partner, especially if you are prone to allergies. You don’t want to be getting an allergic reaction at the most unexpected moment.
  • Bleeding disorders – Ginkgo biloba increase blood circulation in your genitals. While this is perfect for the erection, it might be dangerous for people with bleeding disorders.
  • Infertility – Ginkgobiloba can cause infertility, so if your goal is pregnancy then you might want to avoid using the oil.
  • Heart problems – Panax ginseng has chemicals that act like estrogen. If you suffer from a condition that can worsen after estrogen exposure, avoid using the oil.
  • Low blood pressure – Epimedium lowers blood pressure. So if you already have low blood pressure, use the oil with caution.

Most of these side effects are unlikely since the oil is used topically. However, we recommend you to pay close attention to what the body is trying to tell you. In some cases, an improved erection might not be worth getting serious health problems.

improved sex lifeBuying VigRX oil is just the first step to an improved sex life. Never overlook the importance of the proper use. Studying all the available information will help you enjoy that next date to the fullest extent.

Don’t forget that this oil is not a magic remedy for low libido. If your libido is not living up to your expectations, think about what you might be doing wrong. Consider changing your lifestyle and getting professional medical advice.

VigRX oil is not a medicine. Men use it to improve their sexual experience and not to treat health problems. If you are sure you are healthy, then this product will easily take your sex life to a completely new level.


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